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TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Forged Irons Review

Overview/Technology -

The Tour Preferred MC’s shallow cavity combines forgiveness with the look and feel of a player’s iron. The Precision Weighting Port guarantees consistent swingweight and optimal CG in every club.

A weight port permanently positioned in the center of the back of an iron head during assembly, the Precision Weighting Port assures that each iron in the set is of uniform swingweight while also ensuring that the CG location is precisely and optimally positioned in the center of the face between the toe and heel. In the past, clubmakers have installed cartridges of varying weight in the hosel to adjust swingweight, and by doing so have pulled the CG closer to the heel to varying degrees, resulting in a set of irons consistent in swingweight but inconsistent in CG location.

TaylorMade TP MC Irons Specs -


2 Iron 17 degrees
3 Iron 20 degrees
4 Iron 23 degrees
5 Iron 26 degrees
6 Iron 30 degrees
7 Iron 34 degrees
8 Iron 38 degrees
9 Iron 42 degrees
Pitching Wedge 47 degrees

TaylorMade TP MC Irons Feature:

  • Clean, classic and maneuverable player’s shape, forged of 1025 carbon steel, incorporates a compact, shallow cavity that delivers the feel and workability of a forging plus a degree of added stability
  • Advanced groove design promotes more spin and control from the rough
  • Precision Weighting Port guarantees consistent swingweight throughout the set while ensuring optimal CG location in every clubhead

TaylorMade TP MC Review Video -

Reviews from the Trenches -

“They feel great, the weighing is perfect and the playability is better than anything I’ve ever had in my bag.”

“The Tour Preferred MC have that great forged feel with a touch of forgiveness. The shape is classic and I love the performance.”

“They seemed a bit on the heavy side, and when you hit them, they had some juice to it.”

Summary -

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Forged irons are designed with a clean, classic and maneuverable player’s shape that offers the optimum blend of feel, workability, and forgiveness.

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