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Callaway RAZR X Forged Irons Review

Overview -

The new RAZR XF is constructed from the most premium materials and is designed with Callaway’s highest levels of forgiveness. It’s the ideal choice for golfers seeking greater distance and accuracy along with super soft feel and impressive styling.

The RAZR X Forged Irons have a narrow sole and a slick, thin topline that gives this club a classic look at address. Additionally, it has a higher, squared-off toe and a sharp leading edge.

Technology -

Tour CC Grooves provide golfers with increased spin for aggressive shot-making and a proprietary design producing 40% more grooves on the club face. Forged 1020 Carbon Steel produces soft feel and responsive feedback at impact. Triple Net Forging ensures tight tolerances that can’t be achieved with conventional methods, and allows Callaway engineers to incorporate higher-performing grooves that still conform to Tour rules.

RAZR X Forged Specs -

RAZR X Forged Review Video -

Summary -

What sets the RAZR X Forged Irons apart is the unique Triple Net Forging process. This three-step forging yields superior feel and enables high-performance Tour CC grooves to be precision forged into each club face.

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